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  • 徐 清逸
    徐 清逸 To sell her daughter was rescued mother and daughter.
    Newspaper reporter Zhao Lei
    From the field to the high density of working a couple, after drug addiction, in order to raise drug money, actually has to sell his two daughters, which is also less than one year old daughter. Police suspect's brother, the police were at high density and Linyi will rescue two girls. May 12, reporters learned that the couple has been under criminal detention drugs, more than 10 other suspects were also arrested suspects.
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    • 45 minutes ago
  • 支 访蕊
    支 访蕊 Liu Fuchang old man is sweeping loose leaf litter within the Red Army martyrs cemetery. Photo Pictured Japanese hero Liufu Chang Wang Qin told war stories and guard the cemetery reason. King James relive old photo Pictured Liufu Chang salute pose. King Ja...  more
    • 1 hour ago
  • 徐 清逸
    徐 清逸 Noble and brave cheetah, where you originated in the end? Magazine March 4, 2011 issue of "Science" Pro cheetah fossil skull and mandible profile picture
    In early 2009, scientists have proposed that in Gansu found "new species Coriolis cheetah", is the world's most primitive cheetah, which overthrew the existing hypotheses about the "oldest cheetah comes from North America," the. Because of the importance of this discovery was widely reported by international media. However, this assertion has been questioned recently. Cheetah originated where? Draw attention once again.
    [News Playback]
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    • 1 hour ago
  • 成 雅琴
    成 雅琴 ▲ cars were burned severely.
    Newspaper October 23 (Reporter Sun Huiyao correspondent Ji Fuqiang) because his girlfriend broke up, after the first man to compel him to swallow sleeping pills burned his body to cover his tracks. Only eight hours after the incident, the suspects will be arrested.
    October 15 evening 10:30 Xu, Yiyuan Yanya Feng Ding Village is home orchard villagers slept inside the house, outside the house when he heard a "bang" a loud noise,, then saw bright red. Ding went outside, found not far from leading to Hongqi Reservoir Feng Village road, a car burned up, he immediately dialed 110 the police.
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    • 2 hours ago
  • 厍 寒云
    厍 寒云 Huang Shunxing old 86-year-old daughter also picking up trash just to feel at ease college.
    She was 86 years old, still 6:00 every morning to get up to go to the garbage, call it a day until the evening darkness, winter heat, rain or shine
    She said, picking up these things for the money, you can subsidize the adopted daughter are in college life
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    • 2 hours ago
  • 梁 梅青9
    梁 梅青9 Sichuan News Network Florida April 15 (Reporter Jin Tingjiang) ordinary traffic accident, the parties were sent to 120 ambulance Wanyuan City Central Hospital for treatment,more
    • 2 hours ago
  • 惠 怀薇
    惠 怀薇 A thirst for new knowledge is often a top quality that a Capricorn man finds deeply appealing in a woman. If you might be the kind of woman who likes to watch mindless television programs or read gossip magazines which could truly eventually turn him off....  more
    • 3 hours ago
  • 逮 英华
    逮 英华 Video loading,, please wait ... AutoPlay & nbsp; play man lost 680,000 diamond phone forward and backward lost phone
    Gold shell,, the body of more than 800 diamonds worth 68 million yuan of Vertu (Rittal, Wei plans) phone - gone! This is what happened the day before yesterday at noon in the Wenzhou airport.
    Forest boss although the owner is a businessman, not bad money,, but lost such a precious thing, is worried. He kept to the phone to di...  ...  more
    • 5 hours ago
  • 程 芳懿
    程 芳懿 Informants are Chengmai County Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Moumou
    This is a puzzling reports: Haikou informer is a young man, his father was an informer - Chengmai County Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Moumou. Report material shows that men report content including: 2011 150 wedding father put on a large table, send their daughters to a value of 730,000 yuan importing Kore dowry and other off-road vehicles. The man not only in the online real name, and, respectively, to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Provincial Procuratorate petition departments to report. As to why two years after reporting father. The man said, because the father on a selling models "obstruction" and let him "no way." At present, relevant departments have accepted the petition of the man to report material. Yesterday morning, informants Moumou also reporters interviewed.
    Report the father took the opportunity to collect money for her daughter to put wedding
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    • 5 hours ago
  • 全 慧颖
    全 慧颖 "EDB leaders assessed a political task, to student set different magazine:" Today's high school students "and" juvenile encyclopedic knowledge reported yesterday,, users micro-Bo said, Ziyang Yanjiang in the middle school portion of a class teacher so texting. "" parents. Yesterday,, the school responded that the task was not assessed,, which may be the teacher to write your own message. Yanjiang Department of Education,, said, "may be installed blame someone!"
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    • 5 hours ago
  • 柴 建木
    柴 建木 Myopia is no stranger to us, but the degree of myopia 3600 but some "sensational." At the seventh meeting of high myopia patients Nanjing BenQ Hospital held yesterday, the reporter saw 3600 patients a once super high degree of Mr. Zhang. Doctors surgically placed in his eyes a miniature version of the "small glasses" to help him successfully restored vision. & Nbsp;
    Yangzi Evening News correspondent correspondent Li Yang sweet child & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;
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    • 5 hours ago
  • 春9lGgl8 华荣
    春9lGgl8 华荣 Reporter candid: keep two horses in the downtown area
    "Happy yo mountain, a cloud yo yo." Ballads sung Paoma scenery and love. But if you walk a horse horse in the city, not like a lover, it may be chased.
    "Do you smell, what smell?" Chen uncle of his wife, said, "It's like an animal smell." Followed the scent to find, the old couple was surprised to find that their windows into the courtyard below,, two horses are walking around. Here is the Chaohu Road and Wuhu Road intersection,, near the bustling Wanda Plaza.
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    • 5 hours ago
  • 逮 英华
    逮 英华 Belly twins such surrogacy is not legal? Reporters learned that the February 20, 2001, the Ministry of Health issued a "human assisted reproductive technology management approach", which means the first three pairs of surrogacy were clearly defi...  more
    • 5 hours ago
  • 丰 永贞
    丰 永贞 Hemou suspects. Hemou home seized stolen goods.
    The evening of January 7, Jingdezhen City, a young woman on the phone told her husband Xiaoli, said buying home after supper, but since then, until his wife Xiaoli husband has not returned ......
    9 am, police found Xiaoli destroyed Buick sedans,, the case classified as criminal cases. 13 hours later, the police arrested Hemou disapprove, and this in order to open the night shift for the industry Hemou rental, turned out to be for it yourself "has a limousine," the desire, Xiaoli brutally strangled and burned his body.
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    • 5 hours ago
  • 詹 佳焓
    詹 佳焓 Xiao Ning is from this building to jump off Xiaoning mother is very sad
    Southeast Express News (trainee reporter Chen Jinnuo / Wen Lin Liang Plan / Chart) "Mom and Dad,, I'm sorry I let you lose face ......" Yesterday 10:40 Xu, three clear water in Fuzhou Jinshan District Court Chunxiao, 11 year-old girl Xiao Ning (a pseudonym) was left a suicide note,, falling from a tall building, he died.
    It is understood that before the incident one evening, Xiao Ning and his brother to Jinshan Jinxiang Road, a large supermarket chain shopping, because of suspected stealing supermarket loss prevention staff was taken to a room of about 10 square meters. When they leav...  ...  more
    • 6 hours ago